Recommended Readings for Specific Episodes

(Listed in Order of Importance--See Bibliography for Details)


Early Crises: The 17th and 18th Centuries


            The Dutch Tulip Mania


            Garber, Peter M., pp. 20-86.

            Mackay, Charles., pp.


            The French Missssippi and English South Sea Bubbles


              Garber, Peter M., Famous First Bubbles, pp.87-102.

               Mackay, Charles, pp. 1-104.

               Velde, Francoise. (click here  for PDF file)            


Important Banking Panics


           The Crime of '73 and the Panic of 1893


            Friedman, Milton. Monetary Mischief, pp. 51-79.


           The Panic of 1907


            Tallman, Ellis and John Moen. (click here for PDF file)

            Bruner, Robert F. and Sean D. Carr. Panic of 1907.  (Read only if Tallman and Ells doesn't completely satisfy)


           The Banking Crises of the 1930s


            Friedman, Milton and Anna J. Schwartz, Monetary History, pp. 308-332 (click here for PDF file)   


Financial Innovations and Financial Crises

             (Not in Order of Importance)


            Junk Bonds, The S&L Crisis, and the Stock Market: The Late 1980s


            Bruck, Connie. The Predator's Ball

            Lowenstein, Roger. Origins of the Crash


            Long-Term Capital Management and Enron: The 1990s


            Lowenstein, Roger..When Genius Failed

            McLean, Bethany and Peter Elkind. The Smartest Guys in the Room